A talk by Oleksiy Bahanets, a former Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine, given on December 9, 2020 at the Scientific and practical conference “On the current state of fight against criminalized corruption” at the National Academy of Internal Affairs Indeed, over the past 6 years, corruption in Ukraine has become […]

After Ukraine’s friends from overseas used the President Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s signature and appointed Valerii Kondratiuk a Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service, they decided to replace the Head of the Security Service of Ukraine as well. Especially considering that Lieutenant Bakanov, who is currently leading the SSU, always triggers Homeric […]

At last, Lieutenant Bakanov decided to make his marital and family relationships with a Ukrainian MP Grigoriy Surkis (Faction of the Political Party “Opposition Platform – For Life”) official. To that tend he appointed a former Surkis’s head of security Sergiy Kovmyr (moniker “Dipper”) a Head of the Center for […]